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Seedorf to the MLS?

According to the always interesting MLS Rumors site, which in turn dug up the info here, AC Milan midfielder Clarence Seedorf, who has won pretty much everything there is to win in world football and is one of my favorite players, could end up moving to the MLS. Now, you can take this rumor with a grain of salt, as it’s been bandied about for a few years now, but I for one thing he’d be a fun player to watch in the league, at least ’til his legs fall off, oh, next year. If it does happen, it’ll likely either be the Galaxy or Red Bulls that get his services, because, well, you know how it works. That now makes three aging flair players linked to the MLS this offseason (former Real Madrid midfielder Guti, Chelsea striker Nicholas Anelka). Will they all come? One of them? Any of them? There’s no doubt that Seedorf is a classy player, but it’s questionable whether at 35 he’d have the legs that the fast-paced (though often technically deficient) league requires.

Here is a video:



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