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DC United release 2012 home, away uniforms


This is my first dabble into soccer jerseys, which I’m actually, dorkily, a little interested in, since they are changed EVERY SINGLE YEAR. So I’ll try and post all of the ones as I get info for them.

Anyhoo, DC United released images of their 2012 home and away jerseys. It’s interesting with the MLS, which like Australia’s A League, and practically no other professional soccer league, has the same kit supplier for all their uniforms. This results in some great uniforms and some monstrosities like the Crew’s away uniform. DC United typically has some of the better-looking kits in the league, but I’m not impressed with these, particularly since last year’s looked so good. The home is passable, but the away is a horrible pastiche of different ideas. Red collar? OK, fine. Red collar, black shoulder stripes, red panels down the side? Eeeehhh…looks like a hacky attempt. Let’s see if they can jazz up some of the ones that are always hideous (I’m looking at you, San Jose Earthquakes.)

You can buy the jerseys here.


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