MLS Playoff Race: Aug. 31

This week: Philadelphia 0, Real Salt Lake 0; Montreal 3, DC United 0; Columbus 4, New England 3; Houston 1, Toronto 1; Chivas 2, Seattle 6; Portland 2, Vancouver 1; San Jose 4, Colorado 1; LA Galaxy 2, Dallas 0; Kansas City 1, New York 1; New England 3, Chivas 3; DC United 2, New York 2; Philadelphia 1, Columbus 2

Coming up: Portland v Colorado; Columbus v Montreal; New England v Philadelphia; Kansas City v Toronto; Real Salt Lake v DC United; LA Galaxy v Vancouver; Dallas v Seattle; Chicago v Houston; San Jose v Chivas


1. Sporting Kansas City (14-5-7, 47 pts). This week: Drew 1-1 with New York. A late, perhaps unfair draw with New York leaves Sporting only 1 point ahead of the Red Bulls with 8 to play. They do have upcoming home matches with Toronto and Houston, which should be winnable. Matches left:  TOR, HOU, @NY, @MON, CHI, @CLB, @NY, PHI

2. New York (13-7-7, 46 pts). This week: Drew 2-2 with DC United; Drew 1-1 with Kansas City. If they still have hopes of winning the East and the Supporter’s Shield, New York must pick up six points from home matches with Columbus and Kansas City. Matches left: CLB, SKC, @NE, TOR, CHI, SKC, @PHI

3. Houston (11-9-6, 42 pts). This week: Drew 1-1 with Toronto. It seems like Champions League matches are starting to take a toll on Houston, who have three tough league games remaining before ending the season with a run of matches against teams that are mostly out of the playoff picture. Matches left: @CHI, RSL, @SKC, @PHI, NE, MON, PHI, @COL

4. Chicago (12-5-8, 41 pts).  This week: Didn’t play. After getting hammered by DC United last week, the Fire have a couple winnable matches coming up to solidify their playoff spot, especially with the Crew so hot. Matches left: HOU, @TOR, MON, CLB, @SKC, PHI, @NY, @NE, DCU

5. DC United (12-5-9, 41 pts). This week: Drew 2-2 with New York; Lost 3-0 to Montreal. DC doesn’t have a particularly difficult schedule left, but they have to pick up some points and pray that Columbus cools off, which doesn’t look likely. Matches left: @RSL, NE, @PHI, CHV, @POR, @TOR, CLB, @CHI

6. Columbus (11-6-8, 39 pts). This week: Beat Philadelphia 2-1; Beat New England 4-3. The league’s hottest team continues to win, picking up six points (and scoring six goals) this week. The match with Montreal could go a long way toward pushing the Impact out of the playoff picture and helping the Crew leapfrog DC or Chicago into a playoff spot. Matches left: MON, @NE, @NY, CHV, @CHI, PHI, SKC, @DCU, TOR

7. Montreal (12-3-13, 39 pts).  This week: Beat DC United 3-0. The Impact’s late surge is impressive, but four of their last six are on the road, where they’ve been terrible this year. Matches left: @CLB, @CHI, SKC, @HOU, @TOR, NE

8. Philadelphia (7-4-13, 25 pts). This week: Lost 2-1 to Columbus; Drew 0-0 with Real Salt Lake. The Union finally conceded defeat in the playoff race. The question is, what changes are needed to make the team competitive next year? Matches left: @NE, @TOR, DCU, HOU, @CLB, @CHI, NE, @HOU, @SKC, NY

9. New England (6-6-14, 24 pts). This week: Drew 3-3 with Chivas; Lost to Columbus 4-3. Blowing a three-goal lead to the lowest-scoring team in the league (two of the goals from a player they traded a couple weeks ago) was probably the lowest point in a poor season. I do think the Revs will be good next year if their fans (and management) are patient. And they get some defenders… Matches left: PHI, CLB, @DCU, NY, @HOU, @PHI, CHI, @MON

10. Toronto (5-6-15, 21 pts). This week: Drew 1-1 with Houston. Since Aron Winters left, Toronto have been a marginal playoff team in terms of point total. If they can have some sort of solidity going into next year, maybe they can actually reach the playoffs? Nah, not likely. Matches left: @HOU, @SKC, CHI, PHI, @LAG, @NY, DCU, MON, @CLB


1. San Jose (15-5-6, 50 pts). This week: Beat Colorado 4-1. Not only are the Quakes still winning, but they’re doing it without Chris Wondolowski scoring goals. Matches left: CHV, @CHV, POR, @SEA, DAL, @COL, LAG, @POR

2. Seattle (12-7-6, 43 pts). This week: Beat Chivas USA 5-2. Finally, Fredy Montero and Seattle can’t stop scoring. They might be too far behind to catch San Jose, but they look like one of the best teams in the league again after a so-so year. Matches left: @DAL, CHV, @POR, SJE, @VAN, POR, RSL, DAL, @LAG

3. Real Salt Lake (13-4-10, 43 pts). This week: Drew 0-0 with Philadelphia. RSL are slowly backing their way into the playoffs, but should be a relatively dangerous team once they get there. Matches left: DCU, @HOU, POR, @CHV, @LAG, @SEA, VAN

4. LA Galaxy (12-4-11, 40 pts). This week: Beat Dallas 2-0. Only three points behind Seattle and RSL, the Galaxy could end up second in the West, which would likely mean they’d take on, well, Seattle or RSL in the playoffs. Matches left: DAL, VAN, COL, TOR, @COL, RSL, @SJE, SEA

5. Vancouver (10-7-10, 37 pts). This week: Lost 2-1 to Portland. At this point, with a very tough schedule remaining, it looks highly unlikely the Whitecaps will be a playoff team, which is disappointing, considering how good they’ve been at times this season. Too many midseason changes? Matches left: @LAG, @DAL, COL, SEA, CHV, POR, @RSL

6. Dallas (8-8-12, 32 pts). This week: Lost 2-0 to Los Angeles. It won’t be easy, but if Dallas can get three points against Vancouver (and maybe a point against Seattle), they’ll be in excellent position to make the playoffs. Matches left: SEA, VAN, @SJE, @CHV, @SEA, CHV

7. Chivas USA (7-7-10, 28 pts). This week: Drew 3-3 with New England; Lost 5-2 to Seattle. Coming back from three goals down against the Revs was heartening, but Chivas needs more than a point to make up their playoff deficit. Matches left: @SJE, @SEA, SJE, @CLB, @DCU, RSL, @VAN, DAL, COL, @DAL

8. Colorado (8-2-16, 26 pts). This week: Lost 4-1 to San Jose. The Rapids are playing out the string at this point. What a terrible, terrible season for fans in Denver. Matches left: @POR, POR, @LAG, @VAN, LAG, SJE, @CHV, HOU

9. Portland (6-6-13, 24 pts). This week: Beat Vancouver 2-1. A little bit of optimism resurfaces in Portland, with news that Caleb Porter will be the new coach and a win over Vancouver. Now to offload some dead wood and not finish last. But not in that order. Matches left: COL, @COL, SEA, @SJE, @RSL, DCU, @SEA, @VAN, SJE

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