Caps sign Scottish striker Kenny Miller

Last year for Cardiff, Kenny Miller scored 10 goals. So did Southampton’s Guly Do Prado. Never heard of him? Exactly.

By Jeremiah Paschke-Wood | Only Love Soccer

Today the Whitecaps announced the signing of Kenny Miller, captain of the Scotland national football team. With his signing, MLS teams (but most specifically Portland and Vancouver, with two each) have now signed seven Scottish players this season. That’s fine and all – Miller, along with with the Timbers’ Kris Boyd and Vancouver’s own Barry Robson – is not a bad player, but it’s another example of MLS teams splashing big money on guys who are name players by virtue of playing in the EPL and Scotland at some point, but not necessarily ones who will make the league better.

Sure, the recent fixation on the Scottish hasn’t reached the level of Colombia – there are 33 Colombians in the MLS, ranging from the excellent (Jamison Olave, Juan Pablo Angel, Freddy Montero) to the mediocre (Jhon Kennedy Hurtado, Hanyer Mosquera) to the awful (Jorge Perlaza, Juan Diego Gonzalez). But nonetheless, it’s hard to see how a player like Miller, prolific in a three-year stretch with Glasgow Rangers but mediocre otherwise, justifies a DP salary while the team jettisoned a proven goalscorer in the MLS in Sebastian LeToux who was probably making 1/8th of what Miller will make. As Boyd’s seven goals for almost $2 million dollars for the worst team in the Western Conference shows, a name doesn’t breed success. The Caps have a good fanbase; I hope Miller works out. But if he doesn’t, it’ll be another example of how the league, if grabbing players from abroad, needs to either sign stars or young, hungry up-and-comers, not aging veterans that their GMs saw on TV four years ago playing for Derby County. Or just sign an American – there are a lot out there.

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