A tale of one bizarrely popular blog post

Ryan Smith, Internet sensation!

I’m happy to say that in the past year, the amount of visitors to my blog has more than doubled. In fact, it’s closer to having tripled. All this, despite the fact that I went a good 3-4 months without posting anything really. I won’t say how many blog views I get, though, because it’s still probably less than Josef Stalin’s Moustache’s Facebook page gets. Yes, it has one.

Anyway, the biggest recipient of page views – by a wide margin – is a curious one. It is a post last year I did on transfer rumours that said Kansas City’s Ryan Smith would leave to go back to Europe. Which he didn’t. In fact, he now plays at Chivas USA. In fact, the search term “Ryan Smith” is now the most searched for term on the site, and averages roughly 10 searches EVERY SINGLE DAY. Which is bizarre. I mean, I can understand why people search “naked soccer players” or “Thierry Henry’s beard” and find my site. But Ryan Smith? The 25-year-old Englishman who has played in all of 42 matches in the MLS the last three years? Whose previous claim to fame was being an unsuccessful Arsenal youth player. (Six appearances with the first team – all in cup matches) He must be a popular guy.

Regardless, thank you Ryan Smith for eliciting the interest of the Internet search community at large and driving up our readership.

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