MLS rankings: May 22

1 – 1. Real Salt Lake (8-2-3 – 26 pts, 19 gf, 12 ga). This week: Didn’t play. RSL got a week off to see the top teams in the West not win. It’s starting to look like their biggest competition as MLS Cup favorites might come from the Eastern Conference. Up next: FC Dallas on Saturday

2 – 4. New York Red Bulls (8-1-3 – 25 pts, 25 gf, 17 ga) This week: Beat Montreal 2-1. The Red Bulls have been so reliably disastrous defensively the last year and a half, it’s hard not to expect the bottom to drop out again at some point. But maybe it won’t happen. Up next: Chivas USA on Wednesday

3 – 6. DC United (7-3-4 – 24 pts, 25 gf, 17 ga). This week: Beat Toronto 3-1; Beat Colorado 2-0. Two impressive wins this week, and United are back where we’re probably accustomed to seeing them – near the top of the standings. Up next: New England on Saturday

4 – 2. San Jose Earthquakes (7-3-2 – 24 pts, 23 gf, 13 ga). This week: Drew 1-1 with Columbus. The Quakes were dominant against Columbus, but failed to grab three points. Now they will have to find ways to score without Chris Wondolowski. Up next: At LA Galaxy on Wednesday

5 – 3. Seattle Sounders (7-2-2 – 23 pts, 15 gf, 6 ga). This week: Drew 2-2 with Vancouver. The Sounders are doing little to discourage the “Only Good Against Lightweights” tag. Up next: Columbus on Wednesday

6 – 5. Sporting Kansas City (7-1-3 – 22 pts, 15 gf, 9 ga). This week: Drew 2-2 with Colorado. Throwing away a 2-0 lead against Colorado masked what was, at least up until a certain point in the second half, an encouraging performance from KC. Up next: San Jose on Sunday

7 – 9. Vancouver Whitecaps (5-3-3 – 18 pts, 12 gf, 13 ga). This week: Drew 2-2 with Seattle. The Whitecaps are oh so close to establishing themselves as maybe one of the elite teams in the MLS. But they need their forwards to start firing. Traveling to Toronto then Portland in the span of three days will be tough. Up next: At Portland on Saturday

8 – 7. Chicago Fire (4-3-3 – 15 pts, 12 gf, 12 ga). This week: Lost 2-1 to Portland. Perhaps the loss to Portland was a bit unfair, but the Fire haven’t done a great job of taking control of matches – even against lesser competition. Up next: Dallas on Wednesday

9 – 8. Houston Dynamo (3-4-3 – 13 pts, 10 gf, 11 ga). This week: Drew 2-2 with New England. With their long season-opening road trip over, is it possible that the Dynamo are just average? Up next: LA Galaxy on Saturday

10 – 10. Colorado Rapids (5-1-6 – 16 pts, 17 gf, 16 ga). This week: Lost 2-0 to DC United; Drew 2-2 with Kansas City. The Rapids continue to play very, very up-and-down soccer (see the first half against KC, then the second half), but should ease into the playoffs. Up next: Montreal on Saturday

11 – 12. New England Revolution (4-1-6 – 13 pts, 14 gf, 15 ga). This week: Drew 2-2 with Houston. This Revs’ team – arguably the funnest one in the MLS right now – could stumble into the playoffs. And who knows what could happen then. Up next: At DC United on Saturday

12 – 14. Columbus Crew (3-3-4 – 12 pts, 9 gf, 12 ga). This week: Drew 1-1 with San Jose. Injuries to defenders have been tough to deal with, but the Crew only started scoring once Justin Meram started playing regularly, as weird as that is. Up next: At Seattle on Wednesday

13 – 11. Montreal Impact (3-3-6 – 12 pts, 13 gf, 18 ga). This week: Lost 2-1 to New York. All of the optimism of the Impact’s recent run of results withered in the loss to 10-man New York. It was pretty soul-crushing, in fairness. But booing already? Aren’t Canadians supposed to be polite? Up next: At Colorado on Saturday

14 – 16. Portland Timbers (3-3-5 – 12 pts, 11 gf, 14 ga). This week: Beat Chicago 2-1. They might have “the shoebox” to thank for the win against Chicago, but three points is three points. Now if Kris Boyd can just start scoring goals. Up next: Vancouver on Saturday

15 – 17. Chivas USA (4-1-6 – 13 pts, 7 gf, 12 ga). This week: Beat LA Galaxy 1-0. Two new solid players in, and a relatively convincing win against the Galaxy? Things are finally looking up in whatever part of Los Angeles Chivas are supposed to be from. Up next: At New York on Wednesday

16 – 15. FC Dallas (3-4-6 – 13 pts, 12 gf, 19 ga). This week: Drew 1-1 with Philadelphia. Dallas is fighting it out with the Galaxy for the role of “Most Disappointing,” and only the fact that LA should automatically be better is keeping them ahead. Up next: At Chicago on Wednesday

17 – 13. LA Galaxy (3-2-6 – 11 pts, 12 gf, 16 ga). This week: Lost 1-0 to Chivas USA. It says a lot about the Galaxy that their greatest concern coming into the season – the defense – hasn’t been the biggest problem they’ve had. I mean, the defense has been bad, but the team’s general malaise had been far, far worse. Up next: San Jose on Wednesday

18 – 18. Philadelphia Union (2-2-6 – 8 pts, 8 gf, 13 ga). This week: Drew 1-1 with Dallas. Whatever Piotr Nowak’s plan is this season, it hasn’t happened yet, and doesn’t look like it’s going to start. Up next: At Toronto on Saturday

19 – 19. Toronto FC (0-0-9 – 0 pts, 7 gf, 21 ga). This week: Lost 3-1 to DC United. You have to wonder that if Toronto loses out in the Canadian Championship this week, if ownership will finally dismiss Aron Winter. I’m guessing no, based on the fact they haven’t so far. Up next: Philadelphia on Saturday

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